“Many companies’ innovation efforts fail due to a lack of knowledge”

Interview with Levy Hofman, MD future intelligence company Trendforce.one
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Concepts like innovation and disruptive technology have been around for a while, and since the start of the pandemic, many companies have been trying to accelerate their digitisation efforts. And while an awareness of the potential and necessity of innovation and the use of technology is important, it’s even more critical to base their implementation on sound, up-to-date knowledge. But how does one sift through the vast amounts of content available on the internet and determine what’s vital to the survival of an organisation? And how does one extract important, actionable insights that can immediately be put to use? We spoke to Levy Hofman, MD of future intelligence company Trendforce.one, about the company’s new Road to Recovery program.

Can you explain what future intelligence means and why it is critical to an organisation’s survival?

Research has shown that most companies are aware of the potential and necessity of innovation and the use of technology in their businesses, especially in our rapidly changing world. They are, however, still having a hard time putting the right corporate strategies in place to realise successful innovation. The current pandemic makes matters worse and calls for an even more urgent approach. Future intelligence encompasses ‘scanning and visioning’ – a strategy in which we combine the best of technology and human experience. Much is written about the future of every conceivable industry. Thousands of industry experts, scientists, startups, and universities worldwide are working on the future. But there is simply too much information available, and if you’re not au fait with researching, or lack the time and the resources to do this research yourself, how will you be able to zero in on the right information? This is where we come in. Our team of research experts, led by renowned trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk, can filter out the information that is critical to your organisation, analyse it and generate inspiring, actionable insights. This is what future intelligence is all about.

What inspired the founding of Trendforce.one and the Road to Recovery program? 

We’ve all been hit hard by COVID-19. But in order for our companies to survive and thrive, we need to rethink our business models, find new opportunities and change mindsets. Digitisation will play a decisive role in these changes. Many companies – including ourselves – have realised that the corona crisis has acted as a transformation accelerator. And we’ve experienced first-hand that access to the right knowledge and the use of digital technologies helps companies recover faster after a crisis or recession. This inspired us to develop the Road to Recovery program – a strategic approach for 12 sectors – to help organisations survive the pandemic and thrive in the future. 

The Road to Recovery program provides inspiration as well as practical guidance. Our objectives are to assist and accelerate recovery by providing actionable information, foster the right mindset and offer intellectual tools. We do this via multiple channels, such as webinars, access to a trend portal with up-to-date critical information, blogs, reports, a database with information on important startups to connect with, and so on. Many companies’ innovation efforts fail due to a lack of knowledge. With the Road to Recovery program, we can help remedy this.

What makes the services of Trendforce.one unique and what can you tell me about the market response?

What makes our services, and our Road to Recovery program in particular, unique is that they are based on Richard van Hooijdonk’s many years of solid trendwatching, research and futurism experience, combined with extensive market research and daily contact with global corporations, innovative startups, boards of directors, universities, and trade associations. The response from our business relations, after various presentations, demos and conference calls, has been overwhelmingly encouraging. Many people we’ve spoken to have indicated that they had been looking for this type of guidance and support, but weren’t sure where to find it – up until now. We are also working on getting (part of) the Road to Recovery program government subsidised, so that we can better assist those companies who need our support the most. We are confident that we’ll have some good news to share about that in the coming weeks.

What exactly does Trendforce.one’s Road to Recovery program look like, and what, in practical terms, does it offer?

The Road to Recovery program is a subscription-based program that delivers knowledge and inspiration to help companies turn challenging times into success stories. A subscription gives you access to a trend portal that gets regularly updated with the latest trends, analyses, statistics, and case studies. Subscribers receive extensive PDF-reports, PowerPoint presentations, free whitepapers, forecasts, access to webinars, and details about promising startups. One of the most exciting components of the program is that you get access to our trend coach, who will be available to answer any questions you may have. We are working on various other exciting and inspiring projects, and we are constantly developing new and relevant services, such as thought leadership and extended future intelligence, based on the needs of our clients.

In closing, I would like to say that I am of the opinion that the knowledge and support we provide can help accelerate innovation and digital transformation, and realise business growth. And most importantly, I believe that our program offers encouragement and hope for a prosperous future. Because there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Industries: Interviews
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