April 16, 2024

Trends that Shape the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare sector is undergoing an incredible transformation due to advances in nanotechnology, biotechnology, 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), neurotech, and many other fields. Medical professionals are now able to treat increasingly complex conditions as the range of tools and medical treatments at their disposal has dramatically increased. For example, pill-sized Helius sensors developed by Proteus enable doctors to monitor how their patient’s body reacts to different treatments, and developments in AI technology enable the development of powerful diagnostic algorithms. One of these was created by Enlitic; it uses data such as radiology and pathology images, blood tests, and EKGs to quickly and accurately assess a patient's medical condition. The lives of people with missing limbs are forever changed thanks to mind-controlled, 3D-printed prosthetics. In the not too distant future we’ll even be able to 3D print organs as well, bringing an end to organ transplant waiting lists. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are among several increasingly pressing medical challenges and researchers are now using cutting-edge gene-editing to find a solution to this problem. Meanwhile, nanoparticles are being tested in the fight against cancer, delivering promising results. Even the way doctors conduct surgeries is changing, with robots playing an increasingly important role due to their precision and error-free work. In the future, the data of patients undergoing medical treatment or surgical procedures will most likely be stored in blockchain. This will enable doctors to easily access a patient’s medical history. These and many other trends are shaping the future of healthcare, enabling medical professionals to inch closer to finding cures for previously incurable diseases. To learn more about technology in healthcare, visit our blog for inspiring articles about immunotherapy, the use of augmented reality (AR) tech in medicine, and many other topics.

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