February 28, 2024
A rather controversial technology, neurotech is still relatively new. However, it comes with great potential to completely transform the world we live in. If you’re thinking this is just another overhyped technology, you’re wrong. Thanks to developments in neurotech, researchers believe we’ll eventually be able to control electronic devices with our thoughts. The solution is based on a brain-computer interface, which detects brain activity through electric signals that are then translated into a language that a computer or another smart device is able to understand and respond to. This breakthrough could allow people with certain disabilities to control devices - like prosthetics - using only their thoughts. Furthermore, ongoing trends show that advances in neurotech could help restore eyesight in people with visual disabilities and even give us superhuman powers. For instance, imagine having a small implant installed in your brain that enables you to see in the dark. Sounds impossible? Not quite. If neurotechnology continues to progress at this rapid pace, night vision could soon become a common thing. We expect neurotech to become so sophisticated that it can even be used to enhance our memory and cognitive abilities. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we’re heading towards a future filled with innovative and useful discoveries in this fascinating field.

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