September 8, 2020
Researchers around the world are implementing the principles of nanotechnology into their work to develop solutions that will benefit our society. Although compared to other technologies the development of nanotech has gone relatively unnoticed, it offers a wide range of applications, from medicine to the aerospace industry and beyond. Despite the fact that some nanotech concepts still seem like science fiction, as tech trends continue to progress, they could become our reality in the future. One of those innovations is smart dust, which consists of nanoparticles embedded with sensors. Since these super tiny machines can reach any environment and are almost invisible, they’re envisioned as a great surveillance tool for the military. The same innovation could be used to collect useful data about hostile environments on other planets. Construction is another industry expected to be disrupted by nanotech developments. Traditional construction materials have been proven to be unsustainable, but nanotech scientists are coming up with solutions like graphene-laced concrete, a sustainable, flexible and highly resilient material that could revolutionise construction. Nanotech is truly an exciting field of science and technology, promising to change the way we live. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us - the possibilities are literally endless.

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